Slurry injection set T180

Slurry injection set is a complete set that consists of three parts.

Primary mixer, secondary mixer or the same as slurry storage tank and injection pump (back and forth) which is the main part of the hydraulic pump system and is suitable for cement slurry injection operations for dam construction, tunnel construction, nailing operations, depending on the type of pump, up to 100 times the pressure can be expected from this pump.

One of the great advantages of this type of pump is its use in large projects, which creates a very wide range of applications for the consumer due to the speed of making the grout in the primary mixer and also the storage of grout in the mixer and pump output up to 70 liters per minute.

Meanwhile, the main pump of the device is variable and fixed with two types of d, which is supplied according to the needs of the projects

 ماء + اسمنت

میکسر اولیه

Injection pump capabilities

  • Slurry injection
  • Slurry transfer
  • Grout injection
  • Grout transfer
  • Colored cements
  • Sand
  • Plaster
  • Lime
  • Colored plasters

Accessories needed to work with the device

  • Hose size 1 inch + 120 bar
  • Injection hose fitting
  • Mixer interface hose 57 mm
  • Barometer gauge 5-60 bar
  • Bypass tee
  • Plaster
  • Lime
  • Colored plasters
مشخصات فنی میکسر اولیه T180
18/5 kwThe main driving force
0-120 l/minOutput capacity
0-50 barHydraulic pump pressure
1 inchOutput size
110 mmCylinder mouth
HydraulicPump system
7/5 kwPrimary mixer motor power
1450 rpmPrimary mixer motor speed
400 litrMixer capacity
2 inch
1/5 kwSecondary mixer motor power
630 rpmGearbox output speed
700 literSecondary mixer capacity
800*1600*100 mmPump dimensions
650 kgPump weight
1200*1200*200mmPrimary mixer dimensions
400 kg
Primary mixer weight
1200*950*1900 mmSecondary mixer dimensions
400 kgSecondary mixer weight

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