Diesel mortar sprayer

One of the advantages of the T13 piston shotcrete machine is that it can be turned into a diesel engine and does not require electricity.

With the explanation that by replacing the diesel engine with the main electric motor of the device, there is no need for electricity and the engine alone can rotate the entire system.

It is worth noting that this feature is in the T13 piston pumps B1 and B2 series.

However, in the T13-M piston pump system, the diesel engine can be replaced by the main pump motor, but in the end, the mortar storage tank requires single-phase electricity; There is no need to worry and the building can be operated with normal electricity.

The engines used in this type of device have a cool air system and work at 3000 rpm.

The fuel required for this type of engine is diesel, which has lower side costs for the consumer compared to gasoline engines.

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Mortar spraying film

Features of Mortar Sprayer Diesel Engine

The KD186FA / FAE Coup diesel engine is a 4-stroke single-cylinder diesel engine with vertical shaft and air cooling, which has an excellent injector system with high quality construction that makes the Coup diesel engine have a strong, reliable and reliable output.

High efficiency injector system guarantees high efficiency during operation, low fuel consumption and low pollution, as well as very low noise.

Exclusive product

Excellent performance

Low fuel consumption

High output power

Low noise

Process innovation

long life

High mechanical strength

Smooth and smooth operation without vibration

Quality parts

Easy and low maintenance

High torque

low weight

Small and compact dimensions

high power

Fuel costs much lower than gasoline engines

High overload capacity

Low noise

Safe and reliable

High output

Easy to operate and set up

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